August 14, 2011

What Is Karma?

Karma is the soul's record of services. It is carried by one's soul and recorded in the Akashic Records. The universe has perfect memory and "Heaven is most fair." Karma is the expression of this fairness by the universe and the Divine. Karma is a universal law. Karma is cause and effect. Karma is "what goes around comes around." Karma is "you reap what you sow" or "action and harvest" in Chinese. Karma is "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." Karma says that we are responsible for our circumstances, whether they are blessings (rewards) or blockages (lessons). To truly understand karma is to transform to be a good servant in every moment and to stop creating bad karma by purifying our actions, behaviors, speech and thoughts. Karma is the manifestation of our oneness. When we hurt others, we hurt ourselves. When we bless others, we are blessed.

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Most Excellent! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!