August 16, 2011

The O in Total GOLD (and Tao Song for Obedience)

Obedience is the O in total GOLD. O is egolessness. O is selflessness. O is surrender to the Divine and Tao. O is 0 (zero), ling, xu, kong - emptiness and nothingness, openness and space without limit. Obedience has layers. Total obedience has layers. For example, one layer is within your shi shen (body soul). We reach another layer when our shi shen melds with our tian ming (Heaven's idea). Total O is total surrender to the Divine. The highest layer of total O is to meld our shi shen with our yuan shen (Tao). In other words, the highest total O is to meld with Tao. Because Tao Song for Obedience comes from Tao, it can bless our total O journey forever. This is a little hint of the power and significance of this miraculous and profound 3-minute song. Hao!

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