August 9, 2011

The Trees Are Speaking to Us

I've been in the beautiful state of Georgia for the last six days. I actually had to run (for the first time in many moons) from one end of the Delta terminal to the other to make my connection in New York. I was the last passenger to board. My bag couldn't run as fast as I could, so I had to wait another 16 hours for it to catch up to me. Actually, I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn't on the verge of collapse after my 400 meter obstacle course dash with my computer backpack. I have enjoyed the company of beautiful divine teachers and healers and students, staying in two beautiful woodsy settings. The trees are tall, beautiful, dignified and wise. They know what is happening in this time of transition. They know that they will have to go through more extremes of weather and nature. They know that "civil unrest" could happen near them, and that that is a gentle term. They are trying to share these messages with the people around them. They are serving by trying to help them awaken and transform, in addition to the great service they provide with their shade, oxygen and more. I wish more and more people would receive these messages. Let us join hearts and souls together to spread these messages and our service in every way, with every thought and more. Love you all, Allan

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