June 10, 2008

A great new spiritual film: Soul Masters

I'd like to digress a little by telling you about a new documentary film entitled "Soul Masters: Dr. Guo and Dr. Sha." Dr. and Master Zhi Chen Guo is Master Sha's most beloved spiritual father. In China, Master Guo is known as "the Master who can cure the incurable."

This heart-touching film gives you a window into the most amazing possibilities for healing and transformation. It is a preview of Heaven on Earth. As a student of Master Sha and Master Guo for more than eight years, I have been privileged to witness the “miracles” that come through their healing channels and healing techniques almost every day. I am really thrilled that many more people can witness these miracles now, which include recovery from pancreatic and other types of cancer, and from chronic pain and immobility due to arthritis and injury.

Even more, this film will tell many, many people that these experiences are available to each of them. I hope you will be one of these people. But don't take my word for it. You can read reviews on Amazon.com. You can also watch a trailer for the film at http://www.soulmastersmovie.com/ and read what Dr. Norman Shealy and Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith said about it. If you don't want to purchase a DVD of the film, you can watch it through online streaming for just a few dollars.

As the police chief who received one of the many remarkable healings in the film said near the end, “This is real.” Heaven on Earth can be real. If we join hearts and souls together, Heaven on Earth will be real.

With love and gratitude,


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