July 20, 2008

New paperback edition of "Soul Wisdom"

Because I am one of the editors of this book, I have had the pleasure and the privilege - and the unfair advantage - of reading it many times. Each time I read it, I gain new insights and deeper understanding. Master Sha's teachings in this book are simple and practical, amazingly effective, endlessly deep and profoundly transformative. This book helped my soul to sing. When I heard my soul song for the first time, I was incredibly moved by the joy and the love that it expressed. I knew that I had a happy soul, but this was audible confirmation of that knowing. It confirmed that I could do no better than to align with my soul and its purpose. It strengthened that alignment tremendously - and instantly. I sincerely hope that you read this book many times yourself, to eliminate my "unfair advantage." Every time you do, I know that you will benefit greatly, as I have. This book is a treasure that must reach as many people - and as many souls - as possible. The just-released paperback edition expands and improves on the hardcover original (published in June 2007) in significant ways - but I'll leave the joy of discovering that to you!

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