April 1, 2008

What Is Universal Service?

OK, let's move from service to universal service. What is universal service? It's very simple; in fact, it's exactly what it sounds like. It's service to the universe, which means service to all souls in the universe. This is a simple concept, but it's not a small one! As Master Sha teaches, everyone and everything has a soul. You have a soul. Your heart has a soul. Your right shoulder has a soul. Your energy centers have souls. Every cell in your body has a soul. Every molecule of DNA and RNA has a soul. Every atom, electron, quark and lepton has a soul! Not only that, animals, birds, fish, insects and the simplest bacteria have souls. And let's not stop there. Not only animate, "living" things, but also all inanimate things have souls. Anything you can think of or imagine has a soul! So, there are countless souls. You could even say the number of souls that exist is more than countless! (This actually aligns very well with my academic background in mathematics, where there are many "infinities" in the form of transfinite numbers. Infinity has layers. The number of souls in the universe would probably relate to what the mathematician Georg Cantor called the Absolute Infinite, which he equated to God. One of the aha moments in my spiritual journey is that the Soul World and the Divine are very logical! I'll explore this from time to time in this blog.)

I think you can begin to appreciate how vast the concept of "universal service" is. Is it something that is even possible for you and me as mere human beings to offer? Yes, it's really very simple!

To be continued . . .

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