March 30, 2008

What Is Service?

If I'm going to write a blog about unconditional universal service, I should share what this means to me. Hopefully, this will put us all on the same page - or, at least, you will understand what page I'm on!

Let me start by explaining "service." You all have an idea of what service is. In our world, there are service stations that offer services for your car (at least, they used to!). You have no doubt interacted with Customer Service personnel in many settings. You yourself may work in a customer service department or in a service industry. Many of you do volunteer service. According to the dictionary, the word "service" has its roots in the Latin servum, which means "slave," but of course this is not the meaning we have in mind. We're talking about the more evolved definition of "service," which is to "help or benefit" and to "contribute to the welfare of others."

Master Sha has recently flowed a major new book (to be published in January 2009) in which his teaching is even more simple than before. The most powerful soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge and practices that he reveals are concentrated in his "One-Sentence Secrets." Let me share the "one-sentence definition" of service that I just received:

Service is anything - any activity, behavior or thought - that increases love, forgiveness, peace, healing, blessing, harmony and/or light in oneself, in any other person or in any soul.

I hope this resonates with you - soul, heart, mind and body.

To be continued ...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Allan! "your" definition of service resonated deeply.