April 6, 2008

How I Began My Spiritual Journey

I am an enlightened soul.

That is a simple statement. It is a most remarkable statement for me to make. Even more remarkable is the journey that has led me to soul enlightenment. I am honored to share a little of this journey with you.

I met Dr. Sha (as I first knew him; it would some time before I truly understood and acknowledged him as Master Sha) on April 8, 2000. This is a date I will never forget, for it is one of the most important days in my physical life, and it was the most important day in my spiritual life. Dr. Sha was giving a talk at the Whole Life Expo in San Francisco. On my own, I would have never attended this gathering and exhibition of alternative, new age and spiritual practitioners, but my beloved wife Mimi saw a brochure for the Expo that featured Dr. Sha’s talk and she really wanted to go (I'll explain why in my next post). As for me, I was a very “successful” person in the physical and material world, but not a spiritual person at all. Not that I was a bad person, but my occupations and preoccupations where mainly with success in the physical realms. I was always blessed with good health. I hadn’t even seen a doctor for twenty years, so why would I be interested in alternative healers? At age 50, my primary goal was to retire by age 55 so that I could—well, I guess so that I could enjoy retirement—nothing more.

To be continued . . .

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