March 25, 2008

Greetings from My Heart and Soul

This blog was supposed to be called "My Spiritual Journey as an Unconditional Universal Servant," but that was too long for this site. It really should be called "My Spiritual Journey to Unconditional Universal Service with Master Zhi Gang Sha," but that's way too long! Let me explain why this long title is the correct title.

First, to call myself an Unconditional Universal Servant would be quite an exaggeration, but I am definitely on my spiritual journey to become one. You are on or interested in your spiritual journey, but you may not really know what "unconditional universal service" is. You may not have a clue why it should matter to you and your spiritual journey. I hope this blog will shed some light for you. In fact, I will share my light and love with you through this blog. I hope it will open your mind and your heart to the possibility of becoming an unconditional universal servant yourself.

Second, there is no way I would be on this journey were it not for my most beloved spiritual teacher and master, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. Whatever progress I have made on my journey, whatever insights I can share to inspire and assist you and to help you avoid the mistakes I've made, whatever love and light you can receive from me through this blog - all credit goes to Master Sha. He is the best example of an Unconditional Universal Servant I know.

And so, this blog is about Master Sha as much as it is about me. My true healing and most profound transformation began the day I met him. My transformation continues each and every day. Whatever I have accomplished so far on my spiritual journey is the direct result of Master Sha's unconditional universal service.

From my heart and soul, I am delighted and honored to share a little of Master Sha with you through this blog.

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