July 18, 2011


When we sing “Love, Peace and Harmony” or “Divine and Tao Treasures Heal and Rejuvenate,” we are serving. We are also allowing the song itself to serve. We gain virtue. More important and more significant, the song gains virtue. We gain power and ability to serve more. The song, which already has great divine and Tao Power to serve, gains power and ability to serve more. The more people serve by singing and chanting, the more this virtue and this power and ability to serve multiply. It is like the proverbial snowball rolling down a hill. As the speed, momentum and participation of our service increase, this particular snowball expands at a rate beyond our comprehension because it is expanding from more than 360 degrees – from all directions and dimensions from all universes. This is the SXLSE: the Service Xiu Lian Snowball Effect. Hao!


Bee said...

Master Allan,
I love the vision of the snowball effect. The new Divine and Tao Treasures Heal and Rejuvinate Song is one of my favorites! I sing it as much as I can everyday, and I have started singing it when I use my divine healing hands, in addition to my soul song. I also love going to the mountains and singing it up there. Sing my heart out and let all of nature join in! The birds sure love it. (: I also wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the day you used the dragons flying above the mountain to build our snow mountain. It was so nice to have something new! Sending much love and light to you always.

Terry said...

LOVE the image in the context of All universes snowballing! My sense is that all universes are also expanding because of all the Light generated. Blessings, Terry