August 24, 2011

The Power of One

In a regular teleconference today, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha led us in a group healing using Soul Language. It was extraordinarily powerful for the 150 or so of us on the line and the 150 other souls Master Sha asked us to call in for healing. Why was this group practice with Master Sha so powerful? Of course, Master Sha explained the essence very well when he taught us that we were 150 light bulbs rather than one. In addition, Master Sha’s frequency, vibration, power and service were blessing and amplifying all of us. In fact, our little healing circle radiated far, far beyond the approximately 300 souls who were “directly” involved.

Allow me, if I may, to share some additional personal insights on why our group service with Master Sha was so powerful.

When souls are united in intention, action and service, their frequency and vibration reinforce each other. It is analogous to the concept and phenomenon of “sympathetic vibration” or “sympathetic resonance” in the physical world. At its simplest, it is like two waves being in phase, which means they are in sync. They harmonize and reinforce each other, as opposed to two waves that are not in phase canceling each other out.

It doesn’t matter what our voices sounded like. It doesn’t matter what our Soul Language sounded like. Because we were united in intention, action and service, we were totally in sync. In fact, we were joined as One. This One was about nine times greater than the sum of its 150 parts—not even counting Master Sha’s participation. This is the Power of One. With Master Sha’s participation, we were all getting an even much bigger boost for our service. Under Master Sha’s leadership, Heaven responded. Wan ling (all souls) responded.

This practice was powerful because it was Fu Wu Xiu Lian—Service Xiu Lian, including Fu Wu Zhi Liao (Service Healing), Fu Wu Fan Lao Huan Tong (Service Rejuvenation), Fu Wu Chang Shou (Service Prolonging of Life), Fu Wu Yuan Man (Service Enlightenment) and Fu Wu Zhuan Hua (Service Transformation of every aspect of life). This practice was extraordinarily powerful because it was a Tao Oneness Practice, including Oneness Healing, Oneness Rejuvenation, Oneness Prolonging of Life, Oneness Enlightenment and Oneness Transformation of all life.

Do your own reading as to how much more powerful than our individual practice it was for each of us who were fortunate to participate.

Master Sha took a lot of time from his extremely busy schedule and, in particular, a seriously looming deadline for completing the flow of his next major book, to serve us in this way, to serve all souls in this way. Can we not take the time to support this service that he offers as the exemplar of a Total GOLD unconditional universal servant?

If you don’t understand what I’m trying to convey, Master Sha will post today’s group healing practice on his blog soon: Taste the pear to know how sweet it is. Then, do not miss the Tao Song Practice to Serve Humanity teleconferences with Master Sha and his Worldwide Representatives every weekday beginning at 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

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Ioana said...

Thank you dear Master Allan for your profound insight and calling to taste the sweetness of Tao Oneness Practice. I am extremely grateful to Master Sha and to you for your total GOLD unconditional service. We are extremely blessed to be able to be with Master Sha and Divine Channels such as yourself daily in this way. I always join these two daily teleconferences and I encourage everyone to do the same! We are blessed beyond comprehension when we join together in Tao Oneness, and even further blessed and uplifted by the presence of Master Sha and his Worldwide Representatives. Thank you from my heart and soul. Love you, Love you, Love you everyone!