June 2, 2011

Oh Holy Birthday!

Dear Master Chuck, Amritam and the Beloved Staff of Oceana Light Foundation,

I never truly understood why we sang Happy Birthday to recipients of a Divine Karma Cleanse or other removals of dark souls and curses until I stood before the group yesterday and had my personal karma cleansed. As I said, chills ran up and down my entire body and even afterward I had goosebumps everywhere. I did see many dark souls leave my body and go towards Heaven in a light beam and I couldn't help but feel blessed, not only for myself but for them, that they were released from their hold upon me. It was as though they too were set free. Not only was the karma cleanse for my benefit, but for their benefit as well. As they left my body, I could hear joyous laughter as they rode the light beam towards Heaven, for they were at last released to continue on their own soul journey. When they first left my body, they were very dark but as they were uplifted towards Heaven, their darkness became much lighter. So not only did I have a blessed birthday, so did these dark souls that have been with me for many lifetimes. I came home and asked the Divine to help these dark souls on their own soul journey to enlightenment. I can honestly say, I do love them through the Divine and want with every fiber in my being that they too can find peace at last. As for me, as I continue on with my own aoul journey, I am finally getting what true forgiveness is and how good it feels inside to wish my dark souls well.

I cannot help but feel that the dark souls that refuse to leave are not leaving because they want to stay, but stay in fear of the unknown, and because they stay their own soul journey has stagnated and they do not understand why. As Jesus said upon his cross, "Forgive them for they know not what they do." In my present lifetime, I too have been in a place of wanting revenge until I learned to forgive the person whom I wanted to suffer as he had made me suffer. Revenge is a horrid place to be. It eats away at your heart, and is a sickness that has no cure except forgiveness. Wanting revenge is an entrapment far worse than any prison because there are no cell bars that hold you there. There are no guards to stop you from walking through the door to freedom. You are trapped there out of your own free will. While staying in the "prison of revenge" with no bars to stop you, no guards to prevent you from moving forward, life can become a dark, cold and lonely place with nothing but sadness as your only roommate. The only path to freedom is forgiveness of your trespasser and forgiveness of your own trespass.

So what joy it gives my heart to know my own dark souls have been released from their own "self-made prison". Part of me wishes I could watch as they move forward to a better life, and be a bystander encouraging them on as they progress through their own individual changes. The one way I can be their cheering squad is through my own Soul Songs and what comfort that brings to me. Not only did I pay the "honor fee" for my own soul's well being, but the "honor fee" is paid to help set my dark souls free. The truth is the fee is a minuscule price to pay for release for many souls!

I thank you again and again Master Chuck for this service you bestowed upon me by asking the Divine to come through you to cleanse my Personal Karma! I too hold extreme gratitude to you Amritam for your guidance and teachings and only the Divine and I know how much I love you! The Staff at Oceana Light Foundation too have blessed me in so many, many ways and I cannot express how much all of you mean to me and the love you share with many. Bless all of you!

Judy Sisk
May 29, 2011

* * * *

Thank you, Judy for your heart-touching insights. I was honored to serve you and so mnay other souls.

I would be honored to serve you, dear reader, and your loved ones in this way as well.

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Gloria Kovacevich said...

This heart-touching post takes me back to when I first had my personal karma cleared. We did not have the teaching about dark souls that is so clear now. However, I felt so full of light and joy. This state remained with me for two whole weeks. My soul song totally released for the first time in freedom and joy. I'm so honored and blessed to receive the Divine & Tao healing. I'm so honored to be living in this present Soul Light Era to assist souls to find their freedom and joy through the services of our wonderful dear Master Sha and his wonderful Worldwide Representatives like Allan.

Thank you dear Judy for sharing your innermost feelings, your transformation, your love and understanding of karma and the touching love for the souls who left you. LYLYLY. TYTYTY.