August 12, 2010

Passage to India (1)

I just moved six weeks ago, but I just accomplished another (temporary) move! Namaste from India, where it is 3:30 a.m. To get here, I was in airports and planes with many Indian people for nearly 24 hours. I received huge blessings on the plane for my divine tasks in India (as well as before I left for India). I have been on Indian soil for about twenty-seven hours now. I am honored to be here to serve the people of India. I am content. I am happy. I am home again.

I've experienced two Indian taxi rides so far. As expected, they drive the way I used to drive - with seemingly little regard for life and limb - their own or others! I haven't driven like that for several years now, but both rides were great fun - and I didn't see a single life or limb harmed!

I went out this afternoon for an hour and a half to purchase a couple of essential items. It took me that long to find them. I also wasn't moving very fast because the temperature was in the 90s with about 70% humidity - not to mention the road was teeming with vehicles and people and had a distinct lack of sidewalks.

Everyone I asked for directions and every merchant I dealt with was warm and loving. They would ask where I am from. I'd tell them it was my first visit to India. They would always say, "Welcome to India!" with a smile on their faces and in their hearts. The workers and guests in my hotel are also solicitous and friendly. The Indian food is not unfamiliar. (I've always loved Indian food - and all food!)

I am content. I am happy. I am home.

Got to get back to editing "Tao II" now!


Aynur Sungur Tuncer said...

Dear Allan

I am so grateful for your sharing. Your description of life on the streets fills my heart with joyful and compassionate memories recalling my four journeys to India because of spiritual reasons. The Indian people are so sweet, so content and so humble and faithful. They have forgiven whatever happened in the history. They love all foreigners and accept them as closest friends, even worship them when they feel the love. You will be very much loved and respected Allan. Knowing how much India needs Master Sha's and Divine's mission, I see your move and all WWRs'visit to India as pioneers of a new Era.
Blessings to you for your unconditional total GOLD service.
With Love and Light

Carol said...

Please keep us posted on your journey and adventure. I love to read from the WW reps what is happening where ever they are.