June 28, 2010

Bacteria and divine flexibility

Divine flexibility is extremely important for a spiritual being. Divine flexibility means adaptability. It means no ego, no attachment. It means total surrender and total GOLD to the Divine. Generally speaking, we human beings have far to go to achieve divine flexibility. Who are good examples for us? Great spiritual leaders and teachers are, of course. For me, Master Sha is the best example of divine flexibility (and of many other divine qualities!). Bacteria and viruses are also good examples; otherwise, how could they have survived, much less flourished, for billions of years? We know there are many bacteria that are beneficial and essential to our lives. But, there are no “good” and “bad” bacteria and viruses. Bacteria and viruses do not cause illness. Illness is caused by imbalances and blockages in our souls, hearts, minds, and bodies. The root cause of illness is bad karma. I honor all bacteria and viruses. I honor Master Sha and all great spiritual leaders and teachers. Hao!

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Montein said...

Those most flexible serve the system exceedingly well with the proper hearts, minds & souls. Thank you for being an exemplary example of unconditional love & service. You honor your teacher & the Divine. <3
Mary Monttein Aonso