June 25, 2010

Spiritual testing

I am guided to offer a teaching about spiritual testing.

Have you been seriously tested in the last day or two, the last week or two, the last month or two or (hah!) the last year or two or the last decade or two? If you are one of Master Sha’s Worldwide Representatives, you probably have been. If you are on Master Sha’s business team, you probably have been. If you are a Divine Healer and Teacher, you probably have been. If you are reading this, you probably have been. I definitely have been! Why has testing intensified for many of us? The root reason is our role in Mother Earth’s transition. No role, no testing. A little role, a little testing. A bigger role, bigger testing. Really big roles, huge testing. Be honored to be tested!

I have found that 3 G’s work for passing spiritual testing: Gratitude. Grounding. Great service. To be grateful is to understand that testing is a great gift from the Divine and our spiritual fathers and mothers. Without it, we cannot purify more and more. Without it, we cannot uplift our soul standing more and more. Without it, we cannot become Total GOLD servants. To be grounded is to remember that our foundational energy centers are the foundation of our physical, emotional, mental AND spiritual bodies. To offer great service is to chant, heal, teach, share, and more. To offer great service is to go “into the condition.” One cannot be bothered by testing when one is offering great service.

All of this can be summarized in a fourth G: Total GOLD; for when we are grateful, grounded and offering great service, we are being GOLD to the Divine. We are doing what the Divine wants us to do. We are doing what our own souls want us to do.

Remember, no pain, no gain. No testing, no gain. The biggest tests come before the biggest gain—if we pass those tests! Last Sunday, June 20, I received a huge blessing (gain). The Friday before that, June 18, I was experiencing severe testing (pain). I actually didn’t know whether I passed those tests. What I received Sunday told me that I apparently did pass.

Keep your eyes on the prize. Take the long view. Focus on your soul journey. What are five minutes, five hours, five days, or even five months or five years of testing compared to the rest of your current lifetime and all of your future lifetimes?

Chant. Heal. Teach. Share. Serve.

Pass your spiritual tests as quickly as possible.

Do a good job!

Your testing is but the blink of an eye.

What is waiting for you after your testing is beyond comprehension and imagination.



Shikha said...

Allan thanks for this one. Very timely. Love & Blessings.

jaylene3396815 said...

This post could not have come at a better time for me. I don't think I have ever experienced spiritual testing or purification to this intensity before. I can not say I've been successful in my passing. It continues even as I type this and I'm very grateful. Thank you for being a mentor and teacher for me. I feel incredibly blessed.
Love and gratitude Jaylene

Jennifer said...

We are all so blessed to receive the gift of spiritual testing and purification. Thank you so very much for your blog, it was the guidance and words I needed to read exactly at this moment. I will share your blog with others who are also going through spiritual testing and purification. Thank you so very much for your unconditional service, we are blessed beyond words. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love and light

terry said...

Thanks, Allan. It helps me to have it put so succinctly. I appreciate that you have something besides three G's: a B and a C. Brevity; and Clarity.

In Gratitude,


Donna said...

Allan you made a crucial point there (for me) about one of the G's being Grounding. Its not as easy to be blown over(!) if one has sufficient Grounding as well - and note that as a quality "guru" means "heavy". A paradox, on the surface. What about G for Grit?! as well.