May 30, 2010

Go into the divine condition

On pp. 37-38 of Master Sha's fourth book of his Soul Power Series, Divine Soul Songs, there is a section and teaching on "Go into the Divine Condition." Rather than repeat this teaching when I led the Divine Soul Song Study Group teleconference on Thursday, May 27, I decided to ask the Divine for a teaching on this phrase. Here is what I was given. I am honored and grateful to be a vehicle and channel for this message, which I hope will serve you and all who read it.

This is your beloved Divine. Dear my daughters and sons, to "go into the divine condition" is a very important teaching for all of you. It is one of the most important teachings to apply when you practice—for instance, when you sing Love, Peace and Harmony or chant any Divine Soul Song or divine mantra; when you invoke any holy beings, including me or other Heaven's leaders; when you call your beloved Master, Master Sha; when you do any kind of meditation or spiritual practice; when you serve in any way—and, in fact, ... to apply in every aspect and in every moment of your daily life.

This is not easy to do but it is truly one of the most important practices
and one-sentence secrets that your beloved master, Master Sha, is so fond of:

Go into the divine condition.

That is a one-sentence secret.

If you can apply this, if you can do this, if you can be this in every aspect of your being, in every aspect of your life, you will be a very special being indeed. You will have reached a very special level. You will have truly, completely, and finally accomplished your soul's journey.

When I say, "This is not easy to do," there is only a limited number of beings who have done this. In history, it is very difficult to find such a being in physical form. But let me now explain why this is the one-sentence secret for all of your life and all of your lives:

To go into the divine condition is:

• to meld with, to join as one with the Divine Soul Song
Love, Peace and Harmony
• to join as one with any divine mantra
• to join as one with your spiritual mothers and fathers, including your beloved master, Master Sha
• to join as one with me, your beloved Divine

It is to recognize that there is no separation between you and me, that you come from my heart, that all of your souls come from my heart. And though you are you as a physical being and as a soul, there is never any separation between us. The link between us is closer than that between any physical mother or father and daughter and son. It is unbreakable by any circumstances, any events. It is always present. It is always firm.

To go into the divine condition is to live this oneness. It is to be this oneness. It is to be one not only with me, it is to be one with all souls in all universes. It is to recognize that the goal of the soul light era, Wan Ling Rong He, is really already there in front of our eyes. It is only our actions, our minds that create the illusion that it is not there.

Therefore, to go into the divine condition is to be one with me and with all souls, to be my love, forgiveness, compassion, and light. It is to heal, prevent sickness, rejuvenate, transform life, clear karma, and purify and enlighten soul, heart, mind and body.

Therefore, go into the divine condition as often as you can. The more you do this, the more your soul standing will be uplifted automatically, the closer you come to accomplishing your soul journey, and the better you will serve my mission to bring love, peace, and harmony to humanity and Mother Earth, and to manifest Wan Ling Rong He in every aspect of all lives.

I am your beloved Divine.



Anonymous said...

I am really appreciative of this teaching, and taking it in quite deeply as I read it. So Important to remember and focus on as much as possible.

Donna said...

I really appreciate you writing here about the Divine Condition. In this moment I felt inspired again - that God is near, not far and that we (only) have to go deep within to be at One again.