October 9, 2009

The Secret of Life (Part 2)

Chapter 2 of "The Power of Soul" is about karma. There, Master Sha gives the one-sentence secret: Karma is the root cause of success and failure in every aspect of life. So there you have it - that is the secret of life ... recognizing that everything in our lives of significance is due to karma. Our successes, our happiness, our good relationships, our good health, financial comfort - all successes are due to our good karma. And our difficulties, our blockages in any aspect of life - health, relationships, finances - are due to our bad karma. Our karma, good and bad, is the result of our actions, deeds, behaviors and thoughts. Our good actions, behaviors, deeds and thoughts that offer good service - that is our good karma. Our unpleasant and harmful actions, behaviors, thoughts, deeds and service - anything that hurts, harms or takes advantage of other people or other souls - that is our bad karma.

So now you have the secret of life. But still, you may be wondering ... "What do I do with it?" Stay tuned!

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