October 1, 2009

The Secret of Life (Part 1)

It's been way too long since I've posted, but now I'm committed to being a regular blogger. In my next few posts, I'd like to share my insights into the secret of reaching inner joy, happiness and peace, which we all want, right? In fact, you could say that I'd like to talk about the secret of life!

My insights are based on my studies as Master Sha’s student, on my own personal experience from applying those studies and on my entire life's experience. But, you know, Master Sha has already really revealed the secret of life in one sentence, and that sentence is very clear in his book, “The Power of Soul,” the third book in his Soul Power Series. He calls it the flagship or the "mother" book or authoritative book of his entire Soul Power Series. How can it be any less if it reveals the secret of life?

Well, hopefully I've whet your appetite. More soon!

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