October 15, 2009

The Secret of Life (Part 3)

Last post, I shared The Secret of Life! I'd like to share some thoughts on what that means in various aspects of our day-to-day lives. As a very important part of a successful and fulfilling life, we all want inner joy or happiness. The kind of inner joy that I am talking about is lasting. It is not a temporary, sudden kind of happiness, elation or ecstasy - wonderful as those are. Those "sudden highs" - and you have all experienced many examples - are not lasting because they are not in our core. To be lasting, to reach true inner joy is to have this at our core, which means in our hearts and our souls. And how can we attain true inner joy? I believe the secret of attaining authentic, unshakable inner joy is to understand karma and to respond to life with that understanding, day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment.

One thing that karma teaches us is that there is no coincidence. Master Sha has taught and said this many, many times. "No coincidence." Whatever we deal with in our lives, whatever our circumstances, situations - all that we perceive to be successes or failures, things that we enjoy and are satisfied with versus things that disappoint or block us - that really there’s no accident. No coincidence. The universe, Heaven and the Akashic Records have arranged the major circumstances in our lives down to the very people we are close to, down to - well, literally everything; and more specifically, you could say that our karma has arranged all of the important details of our lives. No coincidence. This is a mantra that would be very good to hold constantly in our consiousness!

So, when you understand this, you can open yourself to viewing every circumstance in your life - pleasant or unpleasant, but especially the unpleasant ones - with a new perspective. When you understand this, you won’t take too much personal credit for your pleasant circumstances. You won’t allow your ego to get inflated.

Of course, our own efforts are important, our own intelligence, our own heart - all those things are important. We do have free will. But to have good health, to have loving relationships with a partner, with your parents, with your children, with your colleagues at work ... we would not have the opportunity to have these were it not for our good karma. The flip side is that when you have difficult circumstances, when you have people in your lives where your relationship is difficult, we recognize these as opportunities because these are the lessons that we have to learn because of our bad karma. These are our karmic lessons.

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