February 12, 2010

Born Again?

You’ve probably heard the term “born again” used in certain spiritual and religious circles. My latest “aha!” is that to have your karma cleansed is to be born again. It is a rebirth and a re-creation. All of the “baggage” (bad karma) from all of your lifetimes is removed. It’s like totally cleaning house. Actually, it’s way beyond that.

Literally, history is rewritten. The past is changed and in the process, so are the present and the future – after all, they are one. It’s even better than being re-born or re-created. A new soul starts out with a blank slate. After your karma is cleansed, you still get to keep all the good “stuff” (good karma) from all of your lifetimes. Your Akashic Record book has only beautiful golden light pages.

It’s as though you were always a good servant and never got lost on your spiritual journey in any of your lifetimes. You are ready to be enlightened and much, much more. You are ready to take Master Sha’s proverbial rocket to Heaven, with the tools and blessings that he and the Divine are offering to humanity at this time. How blessed we are!!!!

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