December 31, 2009

A Message for New Year's

It is now New Year’s Eve on most of Mother Earth. The passing of one year and the advent of another is “an ending is a beginning; a beginning is an ending” in action. It is yin and yang transforming into each other. As the yang of the old year transforms to yin, the yin of the new year transforms to yang. It is a time to reflect. It is a time to look ahead. It is to look back on what we can improve, the lessons we have learned. It is to resolve to learn those lessons well. It is a time for recreation. It is a time for re-creation. It is what has been. It is what will be. A year is a blink of an eye that is over before we realize it. A year is an eternity with countless thoughts, countless vibrations, countless souls and countless “nows.” Each moment is a “now.” Each moment is an opportunity for rebirth and re-creation. Now always includes the past and the future. Now always redefines and re-creates the past and future. Every now is an opportunity to purify. Every now is an opportunity to serve. May you be the vehicle and presence of the Divine in all of your nows. Hao!

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